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Annwn BC - A Statement


It is with deep regret, and after much soul searching that the members of Annwn BC have taken the decision to disband the Club. This is despite an active and thriving membership.

Since the Club's inception 30 years ago, our philosophy has been plain and simple; to ride bikes and to have fun. During our time we have tried to remain distant from the politics that are inherent in the bike club world.

We now, regrettably, find ourselves drawn into this world of politics. This has resulted in us being pushed into a corner, leaving us with basically two choices. The first would mean loss of our independence, having to 'dance to someone else's tune' and losing the identity and the core ideals of the club. The second option is to disband. Although this is a decision we have been loathe to take it does at least mean we have remained loyal to our principles and retained our pride.

We find it a crying shame that there was no place in our area for a bike club that wanted to be just that; "A Bike Club" with no allegiances other than to itself, and no agenda other than bikes, beer and fun.

There was to have been a Special Wallbanger Rally this year to celebrate our 30th Anniversary, this will obviously, now not take place.

We would like to say a big thanks to all the clubs Whose rallies We have attended, and the thousands of bikers who have supported us at our many events over the last 30 years.

We will still, as individuals, be out and about attending events far and wide so we look forward to seeing all our friends soon.

Annwn BC (1981-2010)

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